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Paradise on earth beach!
Another one of the most famous and most discussed beaches of Mykonos.

"Blond sand, blue sea, underwater activities, swimming pool, daiquiri, mohito, tequila and let's dance."

Paradise Beach Greece

You can absolutely live every minute of your life in a
vacation trip to Mykonos. But in the case of Super Paradise,
we can say, that you really earn some extra life!

Even the bus can take you easily there. Price for two way tickets is usually something like 3 euros.

Mykonos bus tickets

The barmen in Mykonos at Paradise beach are maybe
the fastest ones on the earth and especially in August.

From the morning till early in next day's morning
they literary handle and control crowd's high demands
and is spectacular how many people visit this beach
every summer.

Club Tropicana is the most crowded beach bar with loud
dance music and club mixes day and night.

You can also dance - in the evening - on the bar among girl-dancers, usually on high season.

in Paradiso Club, as it is known, are a No 1 must see for Mykonos voyagers.

is the best. Progressive, hip hop, house and club
explode crowd into high level of ecstatic moments.

Usually every night there is a great party in Paradise.

, famous people, models, the world's jet set
gathered together with every day people all into a crazy
and music delirium. Fun, fun, fun!

All that take place in a supposed to be a simple Greek beach
but yet nothing reminds an ordinary beach.

The beach's spirit is so much lifted up that can be compared only to a high class club into a cruising ship.

"Island is sinking"
is a common phrase visitors use and they
mean that Mykonos is overcrowded and the fun level is high.

Nice food, beautiful women, extraordinary or just
well-shaped bodies
lying on the beach. Orders coming
all over the beach from visitors to the bar-tenders and long
queues are at the restaurants that prepare and serve
delicious food.
Only Ibiza in Spain is compared to Mykonos' happenings
and fun and most people believe that the Greek fun is the best.

Eidiseis me videos apo tin kathimerinotita kai to internet


Lagrend creme



High Quality Video: 6:27"

Notice: At the whole trip to Mykonos, I wanted to show how it is to travel and exploring this specific island so I used the old trusted local transportation method.



Crowded with loud music and dancing girls

Massage girls offering relax services

Can have a henna tattoo

Every half hour bus service