MykonosExplorer in Greek Language!

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Mykonos Elia beach!

Nice beach, ideal for families.

"Peaceful and quiet seashore for kids and families and anyone can easily get a sunbed."

Mykonos elia beach

It is about 10 Km from Mykonos town or half an hour.

You can get here by bus, also by caique from Platys Gialos
in less than 45 minutes.

In Mykonos, elia beach is probably is probably the longest beach.
Some say also it is the best beach of Mykonos. It is ideal
for nudism or dressed swim and is a mixed gay or straight area.

National Beach Association and Blue Flag Association
awarded it as to be one of the cleanest beaches in Greece.

It is quiet and peaceful, has crystal clear waters,
it is less crowded that Super Paradise or Paradise. There are
a couple of restaurants some hotels and 2 or 3 taverns.

It is less crowded and you won't find difficulty to rent
your umbrella and sunbeds. You can relax drink your coffee
on your sunbed, even read your newspaper and be sure that
no one will bother you.

If you are lucky to sit near a celebrity, there is a chance
he or she might wants to meet you. You never know!

Watersports like water skiing, windsurfing or parasailing
are here if you like but I think the most popular is jet skiing.

Also most popular for windsurfing is not Elia but Kalafatis
were winds blow all day and every day.

There is another calm beach near that is called Agrari.

Finally there is a large water park near Elia called Watermania
where you can eat, drink coffee or anything, and most important
you can have a lot of water activities on its' long slides.

Watermania is not only a kids area since anyone can have
some water fun. Huge slides that water flows inside them,
keep entertained many people each year. There is also
a self service restaurant and coffee or any drinks can be served

There you can slide all day and play until late afternoon.



Eidiseis me videos apo tin kathimerinotita kai to internet

Lagrend creme



High Quality Video: 4:29"

Notice: Mykonos has plenty of beaches
unknown to public. You can find them if
you follow the usual roads and see them
on your left or right. They are just wonderful.
Some have only a monastery and no one else
around. You might need a bike for this!



Great crystal clear water, nature spot

No music, calm, relax, take a nap

Full bus service from the chora (town)

Some nudism beach